2caudio aether algorithmic reverb vst au 1.5.1 mac osx intel

Any suggestions? My Studio. I had the same problem with serial. You should receive an email from Galbanum titled "Order process". In that email should be a new serial number with which to activate Aether. Note: The "order process" email can take a while to get through after you've actually ordered the Aether update.. Is there anyone with new serial in the confirmation email? Originally Posted by sonicdefault. Last edited by Krzysztof; 10th June at PM.. Reason: Additional info.

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Originally Posted by Den. No new serial number is provided with this order. I received a confirmation email of the order, but it didn't contain a new serial. That's correct no new SNs.

Hold on, seems the new version is blocking some 1st gen SNs. I will upload a new version that fixes this. Nice, I'm glad I asked! Oops, it seems I can't redeem for the presets as they were part of my purchase of the Storm Bundle. I guess you'll find a solution for those cases. New folder. Here is the latest folder for the new 1. So the question is: "Up to cores"? I would have hoped this was "up to cores per socket, 2-sockets total, cores total, cores visible to the OS via hyper-threading.

Looks like native software has bright future. I cant get "import package" to work on the presets Den just posted - it's giving me the "one level of sub folders" message, which as far as I can see, Den's already conform to??? Originally Posted by Hardtoe. Ok Thanks Andrew. Aiyn Zahav. OK I uploaded the folder again that you can import directly from the Load menu.

You could just download it again from the same link. Got it working now, thanks Andrew -SD. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Ample Guitar F 1. Ample Guitar G 1.

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Applied Acoustics Tassman 4. Artificial Audio Obelisk 1. Arturia Analog Lab 1. Additionally, the ER and LR sections of the algorithm may also be independently turned on or off to save CPU power when one is not needed. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that the plug-in takes as few cycles as possible so you can load more instances without sacrificing quality. Pick a Preset If you have just read all of the past three pages full of detail and are left thinking "I just want a great verb sound!

What do all these details mean to me? Do they really matter? For you, we have two things to say: First, as stated above, we believe Aether is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market. Second, did we mention the preset browser page? The preset browser page displays approximately world class, professionally designed factory presets which are only a single click away and load instantly.

When we say instantly, we really mean it--there is no waiting for an impulse response to load from your hard-drive. A quick scan through these presets will allow you to quickly find exactly the right sound you need for your application and using the browser page instead of the main page will keep you protected from becoming a Space-Time-Freq like the rest of us here at 2CAudio!

Aether is a reverb plug-in like no other. Offering over 40 adjustable parameter controls, many of them unique to Aether, it may be the most programmable reverb plug-in on the planet. But that wouldn't mean much if this processor didn't also sound good. No worries, Aether sounds incredible! Aether is an engineer's wet dream. It's powerful beyond just about anything else out there, and gobs of fun to mess with.

The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud of their first baby. Editors Choice Award! Performance Award! One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard! Fantastic Sound quality. Great for both mixing and sound design. Highly useful tail envelope controls. Excellent categorized presets.

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ER Space presets system is very cool. Version 1. Using Aether's highest quality modulation setting and enabling 4x OverSampling, the sound quality went from great to superb yet demanded only about 5 percent of my Mac Pro's resources with a single instantiation. Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price. It is really the best algorithmic reverb out there. I will be using it on pretty much everything. A true work of art.

It has completely blown me away in terms of depth, and sound quality. Highly recommended if your looking for something totally unique and out of the ordinary for reverbs. Simply Love It! It allows you to perfectly shape the space around your sound, giving it an incredible and convincing ambience. It has given me extremely detailed and warm sounding reverbs that are hard to find this good, even from some of the best hardware and software reverbs available.

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Simply first class. Often it involves the purchase of products to serve our clients or our compositions. I personally will never make a quality compromise in the gear that I choose in this service. We currently use a pair of the Lexicon hardware reverbs valued at several thousand dollars each. I was not aware of 2cAudio and Aether until I read a review in Sound On Sound magazine, which the studio subscribes to.

I checked out the demo, was in full agreement with the S. This is the best algorithmic reverb plugin that I have heard to date. I love and trust the Lexicon product, and now have the same consideration for 2cAudio's Aether. Well, in opinion, they certainly could have charged much more for it, given it's quality level in professional use. They chose to make it available at this price to make it affordable to a wider group of users.