Free up disk space on mac air

You'll likely need to buy iCloud storage for this feature to be useful, though. If you use another cloud syncing service , like Dropbox , open its settings and make sure you're only syncing the folders you need.

If you have large files in the cloud that you don't access regularly on this machine—perhaps you only have them there for backup purposes—you can de-select those folders in the settings of your cloud storage app so they don't sync to your Mac. They'll still be available from Dropbox.

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As you investigate your drive, you may find that you have two or even three of some files—maybe you accidentally downloaded a file twice, or perhaps you added music to iTunes, but those songs also exist in their original location. Deleting these duplicates can help free up space, especially if there are a lot of them.

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The best way to find duplicate files is with a third-party app like Gemini 2. It's rather expensive for a full license, but the free trial should be all you need for a quick duplicate search—just run the scan, and click the drop-down arrows next to each of the results to see which files are actually duplicates you can delete. The paid version will clean up those files automatically, while the free version makes you do it one-by-one. We recommend the latter anyway, so you don't accidentally delete something you need.

Your computer keeps a collection of temporary files on its hard drive so it can re-access them later.

Clearing Disk Space on Your Mac

Many people advocate clearing these caches occasionally to free up space, but unlike the above tricks, clearing temporary files only helps you Those caches will fill right back up as you continue using your computer, so this is only worthwhile if you're extremely low on space and just need to get by for a few days while you finish that large project, or wait for a bigger hard drive in the mail.

CCleaner is a free program that will scan your system for temporary internet files, system logs, and other unnecessary files. Install the app, open it up, and click the Analyze button in the bottom-right corner. It'll present you with a list of removable files, and you can click Run Cleaner to delete them. If you're still low on space after going through all the above steps, it may be time to bite the bullet and upgrade your storage.

Symptoms of a full storage drive

You can upgrade the internal drive on some older Macs, but most of Apple's modern offerings solder the storage onto the motherboard. You can also use CleanMyMac via the Quick Menu shown below to get a quick overview of how much storage space are taken. By the way, the app does more than just that.

How to Free Up Storage Space in macOS | Wondershare PDFelement

You can easily use it to clean up gigabytes of system junk and unnecessary files in minutes. Aside from the obvious solutions like clearing the trash and downloads folder, there a few different methods you can use. Tip: Before using any of these methods, backup important files! You may also use advanced backup software Get Backup Pro , which offers more powerful and convenient backup options.

They can be duplicate documents, images taken twice or more times , redundant backups, and several other formats. The tricky part is those files are usually not easy to be found. Fortunately, you can use a handy app like Gemini to quickly locate them.

Seven ways to free up drive space

Using the app, you can choose folders to scan and find these unneeded duplicates. It can help you reclaim a lot of valuable disk space in just a few minutes.

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

Do your old photos need to be within reach at all times or only upon occasion? The worst part? Do the same procedure on subfolders as needed. Weed out overgrown log files. UNIX can generate lots of logs as applications do their thing.

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Mac OS X runs special maintenance programs periodically to clean these out. They run in the wee hours of the morning, so be sure to leave your Mac on overnight sometimes.

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  4. A reboot can often help. You can also use shareware programs that clean out the logs.