Increase vdi size virtualbox mac

I do all my web-development through VirtualBox on my mac.

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  • 2. Extend the partition to use the new space.
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This lets me run Ubuntu Server on my local machine and gets me a little closer to replicating a production server on my mac. Occasionally though, the VirtualBox hard drive gets full and I need to expand it. This is how I do it. Disclaimer: back up your virtual machine before attempting this. Nothing bad should happen, but resizing partitions can though usually doesn't result in a lose of data.

Now you need to create a virtual hard drive. You do need a virtual hard drive to install your operating system and any other programs.

How to resize a VirtualBox fixed size virtual drive (.vdi) on Mac

Make sure that it has at least enough space to install the operating system. Remember that any programs you want to install will also take up space on your virtual hard drive! A dynamically allocated file will grow in size as you store data. It starts small, but it will grow.

A fixed-size file , on the other hand, will immediately occupy the size you specify.

How to resize a VirtualBox disk - Internal Pointers

Even though it initially occupies more space, this type of file incurs less overhead. Now your installation will begin! That will help you avoid getting frustrated. It can take a couple of seconds or minutes to really get up and running. Take a couple of breaths if it seems a little slow or glitchy at first.

Once your new Windows machine is running, go ahead and click anywhere in the window to wake it up. It will ask you for your username and password.

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You can find those any time in the official installation documentation. When you first boot up your machine, the window is pretty small.

Step 0. Backup your current drive (optional)

You can look at the bottom right corner of the window to see the command you need to swich from your virtual machine to your regular OS. After setting up my VM, I needed to quickly grab some files and programs that I had downloaded on my Mac. This may not be the best way to move your information from your Mac to your Windows machine and vice versa , but I found that uploading my files into OneDrive was the easiest and fastest workaround for grabbing what I needed from my Mac.

It was installed and ready to go on the Windows machine.

Create a new dynamically expending Virtual Disk Image (VDI) using virtualBox Mac

Signing up for OneDrive is fast and free. That allows you to return to that state at any time. This is incredibly useful for testing software or other configurations. You have a couple of different options when you close your virtual machine. Each affects the machine a little differently.

The easiest way to increase Virtualbox disk size vdi and vhd

You can choose:. You are now the proud owner of a free Windows machine that you can run any time right inside of your Mac!

You can pretty much do anything from here. And just like that, your Windows partition is increased! Hi there, I've a problem in the first step, when cloning my vmdk file.

Increase space on fixed VirtualBox VDI disk containing Windows 7 on Mac

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