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I know it's kind of fun, but it's bad in the long term. And once again back to meatspace, if you live in a mansion, that's a more attractive target than a crapshack. So what. Are all the millionaires going to switch to living in crapshacks just so people don't see an incentive for burglary? I don't think so. You're seriously telling me that there are no other numbers on the PCB?

Granted sometimes they put the serial on a sticker that falls off, especially older cards.

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Yep, there's even a company called Navizon that's building a competing service to Skyhook, yet they pay individuals to collect the MAC addresses as well as Cell tower IDs with their GPS-equipped devices, so that those without GPS can still obtain their location. Here's a link with my referral code inserted: Navizon [navizon.

How to find Mac IP address & Router IP on Mac

Perfect for scaring people Score: Just don't complain when we come to visit. You mean like the spam that shows up in the actual mail box most days? That stuff has my address on it, yet I still recognize it as spam. How is this any different? Must be a web 2. Those are the really scary ones. You mean as though you looked up their name in the phone book? Except standing in public no one knows who you are. Id rather stay anonymous on line as well, thank you very much. IPv6 Score: In IPv6 autoconfiguration, a node forms its address by concatenating a prefix broadcasted by the router and a suffix based on its own MAC address.

The leaked MAC addresses would be those of the computers behind the router, not of the router itself.

Or whatever number the admin chooses to supply instead. Someone just bought an iPod Touch, eh?

Windows XP - Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card

So all I have to do to be "safe" is to change the Mac address the router spits out? Not that there was any real risk to begin with. As the summary says there would have to be some malware present that had access to my internal network to send the mac to then look it up. Plus, I don't have the same router I did a year ago. Plus, they'd have to figure out which house I live in. Plus, I think spam with my address wouldn't phase me.

Two points using directional equipment.

Find the MAC Address of a Computer or Device

If they've got the equipment, it's trivial to get a fix. Screw you guys, I liked the movie. Security, uh Norm, Norm speaking. Wrong Score: You can't map MAC address to email addresses either, as the summary claims. But certain Microsoft products use your MAC address. That way you can trace an anonymous doc to a location. There is no problem with knowing a MAC address.

There is no problem with knowing other small pieces of information, which seems to be useless. However, there is a privacy problem with knowing a lot of these small pieces of data.

How to Find Any Device’s IP Address, MAC Address, and Other Network Connection Details

But you are certainly correct that it's a link-layer protocol that goes no further than 1 hop. Exactly, if you can see the mac address then youre on my router and you can guess I'm nearby. I think you missed the point of the original statement. The database is useless for finding where a specific person lives unless you have the MAC of their router. Also, just because you know a particular routers MAC address, doesn't mean it has any useful purpose past the first hop, as your local MAC address of your router will never get transmitted past the first hop.

So, basically, although creating a huge database of MAC addresses to GPS coordinates might seem to be clever, in reality it is very useless because no one is going to be seein. Fate Score: Someone should show this to those clueless municipal IT folks out in San Francisco. The thing is So, you'd have to be within proximity of the WAP in order to get that information anyway, which means you know about where the WAP is in the first place.

Theft Recovery? A lot of different theft-recovery packages report the WiFi router and MAC address back, so this could theoretically be used to recover a stolen laptop that went back online.

Late to the party Score: Wigle [wigle. They're also almost completely open and cross platform. Besides, if anybody wants to know where somebody is, there are a lot easier ways than trying to link a an address from the media access control layer to some coordinate on a map.

Life expectancy of router power supplies Score: I'm sure I speak for SF network admins when I say: Guns Score: This was exactly what I had in mind when I bought my 12 gauge. Which is exactly why back when I was wardriving I used an 18 dbi omni so I didn't have to be close to anything and did it at 2 am when everybody was asleep. Phishing Email Score: Imagine if I got a phishing email that included my home address?

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What difference does it make what information it contains? It's still obviously a phishing email and I'm still just going to forward a copy on to abuse whatever domain they're impersonating and then dump it in the spam folder. I still don't understand how phishing actually works on anyone I guess people are just hopeless. I used to be very smug about phishing until about a year ago when I fell for one. Poor man's GPS Score: It would work quite well in densely populated areas.

Anyone know how I can found that address? On my client I'm running Ubuntu 8. Not all wireless routers have the wireless turned on by default.

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  • Windows XP - Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card.

Beyond that, I would just use netstumbler to find the the MAC of the wireless side of the router ;-P. A label on the bottom? It was added in a 1. Flash your router Score: Custom lojack Score: MAC Addresses not unique Score: Anyone know how they deal with this? Change your MAC? With a cable modem under Comcast, your Mac address is your login key.

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Quick, Change your MAC! The cable modem's HFC mac address is what it used to authorize service. What can and likely is done is that a limit is set on the number of CPE ip addresses that can be handed out typically your public ip address. Some cable companies set this to 1.

The CMTS maintains a table called the cable host which has these entries and they are typically cleared by rebooting the cable modem. If that doesn't work it may need to be manually cleared from the cmts. You have to be a jedi to do that? Do you do it with a light saber?

That would be cool. Too bad it got modded 'interesting'. How is that informative? Your cable modem has a MAC address which can be seen by Comcast and any computer on your personal network. Your wireless router has a separate MAC which can be seen by anyone close enough to get the signal or who's plugged into the wired ports on the wireless router itself. Your computer has its own MAC address, which is visible to any other computer on your network on your side of the cable modem. Posted by: October 6, at 5: October 9, at Emil Wall says: January 31, at July 9, at 1: MJ says: March 5, at 9: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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