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Set to have its first drop on 21st September exclusively in Nordstorm in the US , the PONY x MAC makeup collaboration will see an international release in October , starring a stellar lineup of makeup products inspired by crystals, tarot cards and the stars.

To release an "Amy Winehouse x MAC" Limited Edition Makeup Collection #AmyWinehouseForMAC

Also known as Park Hye Min, Pony has been known to create stunning, otherworldy beauty looks on her YouTube channel and has worked with many other brands like Shiseido and Etude House. She even has her own K-beauty and makeup brand, named Pony Effect, that is a staple among K-enthusiasts.

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In December , we finished all the concepts for both the video and photoshoot and I did all the shooting in April Oh and those lashes. Given the fact that Ms.

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Monroe was known for having perfect bone structure and cheekbones, she should rightly have a blush called "The Perfect Cheek" in her makeup repertoire. Obviously it was only a matter of time before Empire 's Cookie received her MAC makeup medal of honor.

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Products for flawless skin and the ultimate nude lip were among the stars of this collection. The English princess of pop scored herself a roundup of gorge pinky-beige bronzers, shadows, pencils and glosses. The iconic American actress, model and former child star also got the MAC treatment.

Punchy bold hues stole the show in her assortment. I continue to work hard on my body by observing a strict raw vegetarian diet, avoiding simple carbs and not eating anything after 6pm.

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I also jog and do strength training at the gym. Since I want an athletic body, but don't want to lose my small waist, my coach advised me to buy a special waist-training corset that prevents my stomach area from expanding when I exercise.


I like the physique of Amazon warriors: big breasts, a six- pack and a solid figure that still looks feminine. Currently, my spirit is housed within my physical form, and that's why I believe you should treat your body with care, sensitivity and respect.

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While I strive to become even better on the outside, all that comes from the inside. If your soul is beautiful, your body will always be beautiful.

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The spirit and body are equivalent manifestations of who we are, and we must develop both in all aspects. This self-professed artist currently offers consulting services for cosmetic surgery enhancements and appears at plastic surgery conventions around the world. I was always enamoured with art as a child β€” specifically sketching, painting and sculpture of the human form.

Everything You Need To Know About Patrick Starrr's MAC Collection

They all had large amounts of plastic surgery and looked so distinctive β€” there was no way you would mistake them for anyone else, and I loved that! I was also infatuated with shows such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, where the wealthy wore their surgeries as a status symbol, just as they would a Chanel suit, Harry Winston necklace or Louis Vuitton bag.

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The common thread I saw among celebrities and the wealthy in the 80s and 90s was plastic surgery. I could take ownership of my reality and my body, controlling who I was and how the world saw me. I felt it made me sound narcissistic and superficial, while dismissing my creativity, intellect and hard work, especially in the aesthetics industry.

For all the hardship and criticism that label has brought, I feel like my life has never had more potential.