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Sign In. NEW Jobs Available! Anyone successfully connected a polar watch to an intel Mac using infrared port? I can - sort of - run the Polar ProTrainer application, though the calendar view sucks. But I am unable to dl exercises; it fails with a message "Unable to open communication port". I'd be astonished though if it worked in Crossover. Thank you for pointing to the wiki page. I have installed both mac drivers and windows drivers the latter through Crossover.

But the Mac reports the device correctly in System Profiler under usb. In the relevant bottle, I have 5 files in a folder created by the installer. It contains regdll. This should get you going after you restart your computer it did for me. The instructions I found on the Polar site are not very intuitive and to me served little purpose. The device dose work now with my new computer but getting was not easy.

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I have bought two of these and both have failed after their first use. I just figured I had gotten unlucky with the first one, perhaps thought I had done something to it but when I got the replacement it worked one time and now will not work at all. Aside from the fact that it is ridiculously overpriced for what it is, I must warn you to avoid this product.

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The only reason I gave this one star is because the system required I rate the product. It deserves zero stars.

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  • Update: I purchased the StarTech device half the price that shows up under the alternatives and it works really well. I must also add that Polar's heart rate monitors are first rate. It is a shame they put their name on this device and then charge customers 2X what it should cost. I had tried a cheaper third party alternative I bought here on Amazon and that resulted in a 1 star review.

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    • Biting a very painful bullet I tried Polar's own irDa adapter. And it worked flawlessly and installation was a painless two step process. It detected my Polar F55 immediately and all data just 3 days worth was uploaded to Polar's website in seconds. Holding the face of the watch at a 90 degree angle to the adapter results in a solid connection every time.

      ?: which USB-to-IrDA adapter to buy

      I'm using 32 bit Vista. There are instructions but they don't pop up until you begin the installation process. They really weren't needed but if you're looking for those instructions beforehand it can be frustrating not to find them.

      Polar Compatible USB to IRDA Adapter.

      Sure wish Polar would get on board and produce a Mac compatible software set. I was using the previous IR interface but having toruble transfering from my SX monitor. The hardware is simple enough but the software came on a minidisk that dis not compatible with the Mac drives. It still would not work and Polar site had no useful info. BTW Polars customer service really sux on this and other issues but I digress It feels a bit like the proverbial sledgehammer to crack an egg approach.

      ?: which USB-to-IrDA adapter to buy | Parallels Forums

      KenGordon , May 13, It is the only one that works. They seem to be the only ones who have bothered to do this, basically a work-around for the fact that OS X doesn't include a built-in IrDA stack. I'm using Subsurface, but will give DiveLog a test drive. Thank you JChance.

      How to Install and Set Up a Wireless Adapter (Mac)

      The Polar I ordered from Amazon doesn't work but this one should as it uses the Mostec chipset that Scubapro uses. At least that's what I read online. I've ordered one and will report the results. EdMcNeill , May 16, Sorry to hear that your Polar one didn't. I'm always amazed that for such an old and out of date technology, that new IrDA chips are still showing up!!

      We can confirm that the one listed in the link works just fine and the price keeps getting lower.